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Intervals is an app to help you keep track of exercise repetitions and sets while working out, or performing physical therapy exercises.


Intervals provides audible cues for starting, stopping, and counting exercises (or anything done repetitively). Exercises can be organized into workouts. Below is the primary view of Intervals, first at idle, and then when an exercise is in progress.

Intervals primary view

Intervals display

Intervals with exercise running

Intervals display while an exercise is in progress

Use the main menu to get help, send Email to support, edit an exercise, or organize your exercises into workouts, etc.

Main menu options are:

Intervals main menu

Choices from the main menu

The Preferences are as follows:

Intervals Preferences

Intervals preferences

More Help

Editing an exercise

Managing exercises

Workout history

Shortcuts and Gestures

Anywhere on the screen to start or pause the current exercise
Tapping while waiting to switch sides of a bilateral exercise will immediately start the left side
Double tap
Edit the current exercise
On workout name or exercise name, open the exercise manager
In the exercise manager, popup a menu of options for the workout or exercise
Long press
Presents a Quick action menu. The options on this menu depend upon the state of your exercises. Below is an example quick menu from a paused exercise: Image of a long press quick menu
Swipe right or left
While paused, swiping right will switch to the previous exercise. Swiping left advances to the next exercise.
Swipe right or left while editing an exercise will move to the previous or next exercise

Contact support

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Intervals does not collect any information about you or your device. Intervals does do the following: