Manage exercises

Exercises can be organized into workouts. See the annotated screen shot below for details.

Annotated screen shot of exercise manager

Managing exercises and workouts


All workouts must have at least one exercise. When a workout is created, an exercise is also created. It is not possible to delete or move the last remaining exercise of a workout.

By using the Share option on an exercise or workout, it is possible to Email or message exercises to other people using Intervals. You can also Air drop exercises and workouts as well as save them to Files. Annotated screen shot sharing a workout

Sharing a workout

Shortcuts and Gestures

Use a tap to select an exercise or workout. Tap the close X button to select the indicated exercise.
Double tap
Double tapping an exercise or workout item will popup a menu of actions that can be performed on the exercise or workout. For an exercise the options include  Delete | Disable | Duplicate | Edit | Share  or  Delete | Duplicate | Edit | Enable | Share . For a workout the options are  Delete | Duplicate | Edit | Share .
Each workout must have at least one exercise. There must also be at least one workout.
Long press and drag
Exercises can be rearranged within a workout. Exercises can also be moved between workouts. Use a long press and then drag an exercise to a location.

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