Screen shot of Intervals Lite


[30 September 23]
Intervals Lite 2.2 is available. The ability to disable an exercise from automatic selection was added.
[13 August 23]
Release 2.1 of Intervals Lite is available. Changes include:
  • A long press now presents a quick menu of actions available. Contents of the menu depend upon the state of your exercises.
  • Added the ability to mark the current exercise or workout as completed. This is available on the main menu, and when appropriate, on the quick menu.
  • A couple of bug fixes.
[17 July 23]
Release 2 of Intervals Lite is available. Changes include:
  • Expansion of bilateral exercise support - on repetitions and sets are now available as well as the previously available by exercise.
  • Timing for all intervals is more accurate
  • Bug fixes
[ 1 May 23]
First release of Intervals Lite. This app was created because I kept losing track of which repetition, which set, and which exercise was next. Maybe it will help you too.