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Help: Weather Settings

bnClock can display a weather forecast for your current, or a selected, location.

Weather settings

Weather Settings

Swipe right or left or tap the Done button to exit and save any changes. Tap the Cancel button to exit without making any changes.

The weather display can be disabled if desired. Use the Show weather option to enable or disable the weather display. Optionally, the weather displayed can be limited to just the current temperature by tapping the Current temperature only option. When Current temperature only is enabled, single current weather status ICON can be added with the Add weather ICON

The size of the Current temperature only can be adjusted using the slider seen in the image below.

Enable or disable weather display

Enabling or disabling the weather display

Weather forecast location

By default, bnClock attempts to use your current location for the weather forecast. Just leave the City and State fields blank if this is your preference.

However, you can also enter a City and State (or country) which was force bnClock to always display the weather forecast for that location.

Setting city for weather forecast

Setting an explicit City and State/Country for the weather forecast

Weather temperatures in ℉ or ℃

bnClock can display the weather forecast temperatures in either fahrenheit (℉) or celsius (℃). This choice is controlled by the system setting. Tapping on the ℉ / ℃ button will open the bnClock Settings panel. Go to Settings>General>Language & Region and use Temperature Unit to choose your setting.

Open system settings for temperature units

Opening system Settings to set temperature units

System settings for temperature units

System Settings, Language & Region, Temperature Units


How to see the credits for the weather forecast

Weather and weather ICON credits

bnClock gets the weather forecast from . Tapping on the icon will open a browser with a detailed weather forecast at the OpenWeatherMap web site.

The weather symbols were created by the folks (Merlin the Red) at Deviant Art. Tapping the Weather icons link will open the Deviant Art web site.

Getting more frequent weather updates

bnClock gets the weather forecast from . The weather forecast will update about twice per day.

However, if you would like to have the weather update every 10 minutes, that can be done by getting your own OpenWeatherMap api key and entering it in the weather settings. The procedure is straightforward and follows below.

  1. Open Weather Settings in bnClock
  2. how to get 10 minute weather updates

    Getting a free OpenWeather api key for 10 minute weather updates

  3. Tap the Obtain OpenWeatherMap api key button
  4. Fill out the web page that is presented by You must be over 16 years old and agree to OpenWeatherMaps' privacy policy. You are not required to recieve any communication from OpenWeather Group. Make sure to click the "I am not a robot" box and tap "Create Account" at the bottom.
  5. You should receive an Email from OpenWeatherMap asking you to verify your Email address. Tap the "Verify your email" button.
  6. A second Email arrive with your "API Key". It's a long string of numbers and letters.
  7. Enter this long string into the "Optional OpenWeatherMap api key" box in the bnClock Weather Settings.
  8. Tap the Done

You may receive an error message from bnClock saying that your api key is not yet authorized. Once your new key is authorized, the current weather conditions and forecast should update about every 10 minutes

If you create and OpenWeatherMap api key, that key is shared, via iCloud, to all of your devices running bnClock 4.3 or later.. Note: sometimes it may take a little bit of time before all devices are synchronized.

Swipe right or left works on devices running iOS 12 or earlier. On devices running iOS 13 or later, a swipe down will save and exit Weather Settings.