Privacy Policy

bnClock does not collect any information about App usage, or about the user.

bnClock does use (with your permission)

  • your location to get the weather forecast and the sunrise and sunset times for your location
  • notifications so that you will get a notification if an alarm goes after bnClock gets moved into the background
  • the network to get the weather forecast, sunrise and sunset times, and to get the city and state names for your location. bnClock periodically retrieves the weather data.
  • your media if you have selected audio from your library as a wakeup tune
  • if you send EMail to support using the link on the About page, the following are included in the EMail:
    • the version and edit number of bnClock (e.g., bnClock 4.0(213))
    • your device type (e.g., iPhone 12,2)
    • the version of iOS running on your device (e.g., iOS 10.3.4)
    You can edit or remove this information from the EMail.

Other than described above, bnClock NEVER saves, transmits, or otherwise uses or records any information about you, your device, or any interactions you have with bnClock.