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Help: About

As with the other bnClock views, swipe right or left to close the About view. The Done button can also be used.

Closing the about view

Closing the About view

There are four important bits of information in the About view.

  1. The version and build number, for example: Version 4.3 build 302
  2. A button called Swaystairs Software, which when tapped will open your browser on the Swaystairs web page for bnClock
  3. If your device is set up to send and receive Email, a EMail button, which when tapped, will open an Email addressed to
  4. The What's new? can be used to see what's new in this version of bnClock.
About view

Useful items in the About view

Swipe right or left or tap the Done button to close the About view.

Swipe right or left works on devices running iOS 12 or earlier. On devices running iOS 13 or later, a swipe down will dismiss About.