[26 Sep 17]
Version 3.0 of ColorHints Mosaic is now available in the App Store. Changes include:
  • Mosaic tiles are no longer constrained to be square (or isosceles triangles). An aspect ratio can be set for the rectangles or triangles.
  • Printing is improved
  • Bug fixes
[28 Feb 17]
A new tutorial is available Printing Mosaics, Posters and Coloring Books in ColorHints Mosaic
[17 Feb 17]
A new tutorial is available: Cropping a Photo in ColorHints Mosaic
[ 8 Feb 17]
Color Hints Mosaic 2.1 is now available in the App Store. Changes include:
  • You can now print Coloring Books. Coloring Books are like the standard prints, except that the cells are left blank to be colored in by you.
  • ColorHints Mosaic now remembers the previous size of a poster
  • Built-in help is improved
  • You are now notified when new tutorials are available
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Minor bug fixes
[23 Sep 16]
Color Hints Mosaic 2.0 is now available in the App Store. Changes include:
  • An Editor tab that allows you to manual adjust the number and color of tiles
  • In the original tab, both the width and height tile counts are displayed
  • Bug fixes
[19 Apr 16]

In Color Hints Mosaic 1.2.2 you can crop your photographs before creating a mosaic. Simply double tap the photograph to initiate the crop process. Help will appear the first time you use it.

[ 1 Apr 16]

New collaboration with QuiltSandwich!

Starting with Color Hints Mosaic 1.2.1, your mosaics can be sent directly to QuiltSandwich to quickly and easily create pixel quilts! See the excellent tutorial the folks at QuiltSandwich have created here.

[ 1 Apr 16]
Color Hints Mosaic 1.2.1 is now available in the App Store. Changes include:
  • The mosaic file can be sent to other applications, in particular QuiltSandwich to create a pixel quilt
  • Color Hints Mosaic can now export the created mosaic to other Color Hints Mosaic users
    • EMailing a mosaic now includes the mosaic file
    • The mosaic file can be Air Dropped to another iPhone/iPad
  • Mosaic now saves the last photo taken with the camera if access to the Camera Roll is not permitted.
  • Bug fixes
[18 Feb 16]
Color Hints Mosaic 1.2 is now available in the App Store. Changes include:
  • The camera can now be used to take photos to make mosaics. Photos taken are automatically added to your camera roll
  • A Quick Action can be used to take a photo for a mosaic
  • The screen layout for iPhones in landscape mode is improved
  • iOS 9 print preview now works
  • Save PDF to iBooks now works on iOS 9
  • Improved automatic selection of tile lines color in the Original tab
  • Updated launch screen appearance
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Print occasionally produced 2x3 pages instead of 2x2
    • Sometimes printed a color key and annotations on the mosaic with incorrect information
    • Version 1.1.2 could crash when printing
    • Selection of the tile line color might not include both black & white as options
    • Emailing a mosaic would send an annotated version even if Limit was turned off
    • Sometimes in the Mosaic tab, the number colors displayed and printed didn't match the slider selection
[17 Oct 15]
Color Hints Mosaic 1.1.2 is now available in the App Store. This version provides better compatibility with iOS 9.
[27 Aug 15]
Color Hints Mosaic 1.1.1 is now available in the App Store. Changes include:
  • A Pinch gesture can be used to adjust the number of tiles in the Original tab and the number of colors in the Mosaic tab
  • A couple of minor bugs were fixed
  • A few cosmetic changes were made
[28 May 15]
Color Hints Mosaic 1.1 is now available in the App Store. Version 1.1 supports printing both annotated mosaics and a color key as well as poster size prints. Mosaics can also be sent directly to Color Hints as a Swatch.
[12 May 15]
Color Hints Mosaic is now available in the App Store
[27 Apr 15]
Color Hints Mosaic 1.0 is now in beta test. If you would like to participate in testing, please contact us at