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The Basics

Original Tab Basics

The Original Tab is used to select a photograph, tile shape and tile count to create a mosaic. Start with the Original Tab menu by tapping on the menu button Menu icon to reveal this menu:

Annotated original tab menu

With a photograph selected, choose a tile shape, arrangement, and count from the shapes menu:

Annotated original tab shape controls

Tap the Mosaic tab icon tab to create the Mosaic.

Additional help for the Original tab is available

Design Mosaic Basics

Rather than choosing the number rows or columns of tiles, Design Mosaic provides a way to specify a size for the final mosaic, and the size of the tiles in the mosaic. The controls are very similar to the Original tab controls. The primary difference is choosing a mosaic and tile size.

The mosaic and tile sizes are carried through to printing and the mosaic manager.

Annotated design mosaic tab controls

More Design Mosaic help

Mosaic Tab Basics

The Mosaic Tab displays the photograph as a mosaic based on selections made in the Original Tab. The Color controls can be used to adjust the number of colors used in the Mosaic. Note: the Limit Colors switch must be ON for the number of colors slider to be enabled.

Annotated mosaic tab color controls

When the desired number of colors is selected, the mosaic can be shared, saved or printing using the Mosaic Tab menu:

annotated mosaic tab menu

Some menu items require that the Limit Colors switch is in the ON position.

Additional help for the Mosaic Tab is available

Mosaic Manager Tab Basics

The Mosaic Manager provides a way to save and organize mosaics. In addition, the Mosaic Manager includes an editor that allows the colors of tiles in a mosaic to be reduced or changed directly by you.

Annotaed mosaic manager tab

A long press (with no dragging) on a mosaic or collection of mosaics pops up a menu of options available for that item. A mosaic or collect can also be selected with a tap. Various actions in the menu are available with a mosaic or collection selected.

A double tap (or using Edit from the main or pop-up menu) will invoke the Mosaic Color Editor.

Additional help for the Mosaic Manager tab is available

Editing Mosaic colors

There are three tools for editing the colors of a Mosaic.

  1. Apply palette…
  2. Edit Colors…, including the color editor within Edit Colors…
  3. Merge Colors…

Apply palette…

Apply palette… allows colors in the Mosaic to be replaced by colors from a palette. By default, one palette is included with ColorHints Mosaic. However, you can create or import (including from as many palettes as you like.

Annotated Apply palette, color controls Annotated Apply palette, palette controls

Edit Colors…

Edit Colors… provides a way to precisely edit the colors used in a Mosaic. Colors can be merged together to reduce the total number of colors in the Mosaic. Or, a color can be replaced with a different color.

Annotated mosaic editor, color controls Annotated mosaic editor, mosaic controls

Merge Colors…

Merge Colors… is another tool to help reduce the number of colors used in a Mosaic. Merge Colors… displays a list of color pairs to potentially merge. The list controlled by specifying the maximum number of tiles a color can appear in. This makes it easy to merge colors with 1 or 2 tiles into other similar colors.

Annotated mosaic editor, merge colors

Additional help for the Mosaic Color Editor is available

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