[17 Jan 23]
Version 3.0.9 of ColorHints was released today. This version provides better compatibility with iOS16 and fixes a couple of bugs.
[ 7 Jan 22]
ColorHints 3.0.7 provides better compatibility with iOS 15. A couple of bugs were also fixed.
[27 Feb 21]
Version 3.0.6 of ColorHints was released today. This version has better compatibility with iOS 14. Along the way we found and squashed a few bugs too.
[ 2 Oct 20]
The Timeless Treasures resources are not correctly linking to the Timeless Treasures web site and were removed today.
[ 6 Apr 20]
The Timeless Treasure swatch collections were updated today.
[ 3 Nov 19]
Color Hints 3.0.5 was released. This is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs, include a couple that in rare instances could cause a crash.
[19 Jul 19]
Updated the Timeless Treasure swatch collections
[ 4 Jan 19]
Updated the Timeless Treasure swatch collections
[ 6 Sep 18]
Updated the Timeless Treasure swatch collections
[31 May 18]
Version 3.0.3 of Color Hints was released today. This is a bug fix release.
[26 Mar 18]
Version 3.0 of Color Hints was released today. Changes include:
  • Support for iPhone X
  • iOS 11 drag and drop support
  • Updated help
  • Bug fixes
[31 Dec 17]
The Timeless Treasures resource page was updated today
[ 6 Apr 17]
The resources page was updated today
  • Swatch collections for DMC thread (and JP Coats equivalents) and Dimensions (and DMC equivalents) thread were added today. These collections can be downloaded to your copy of Color Hints.
  • The Timeless Treasures collections were updated today. Click here to see all of the Timeless Treasure collections available to download.
[ 9 Feb 17]
Version 2.5 of Color Hints is now available. Changes include:
  • Improved help
  • New tutorials are announced in the app
  • Better iOS 10 compatibility
  • Bug fixes
[ 9 Nov 16]
The Timeless Treasures collections were updated today.
[ 3 May 16]
Version 2.4.4 of Color Hints is now available. Changes to this version include:
  • Quick action short cuts on iPhone 6s and 6s+
  • A new setting to automatically save photographs taken in Color Hints to the camera roll
  • When adjusting the photograph for a swatch, you can now crop the photograph
  • Minor bug fixes
[29 Apr 16]
The Timeless Treasures collections were updated today.
[17 Oct 15]
Color Hints 2.4.2 is now available in the App Store. This version provides better compatibility with iOS 9, including split screen and slide over on iPads.
[31 Aug 15]
The Timeless Treasures downloadable resources were updated to match the current Timeless Treasures web site.
[28 Aug 15]
A new tutorial Quilt Design using Color Hints and Color Hints Mosaic is available. Click to open in a new window
[27 Aug 15]
Color Hints 2.4.1 is now available in the App Store. This version corrects an issue, that under some circumstances, caused the match counts in the search results to be incorrect.
[12 Aug 15]
Color Hints 2.4 is now available in the App Store. Changes include:
  • Search tab improved to provide more control over the matches that are displayed. See the tutorial
  • Multiple bugs that could cause crashes were fixed
  • Some tabs had occasional layout issues that were fixed
[28 May 15]
Color Hints 2.3.1 is now available in the App Store. This version accepts Mosaics directly from Color Hints Mosaic
[13 May 15]
The Resources and Timeless Treasures Collections are updated
[10 May 15]
Color Hints 2.3 is now available in the iTunes Store.
[ 3 Apr 15]
Color Hints 2.3 is now in beta test. If you would like to participate in testing, please contact us at
[ 5 Mar 15]
We are looking for beta testers for the next version of Color Hints. We will be using Apple's TestFlight to manage beta testing. Anyone interested should contact us at
[ 4 Nov 14]
Color Hints 2.2.1 was released. Changes include:
  • Save Results to Project in Search no longer saves grayed out items (due to dynamic search criteria)
  • Bug fix: in some cases Search to appeared to never complete
  • Bug fix: Palette/Swatch/Project collection counts to not update properly
  • Bug fix: Sometimes Search results disappeared (required tapping Perform Search again)
[24 Oct 14]
Color Hints 2.2 was released. Changes include:
  • Crash on initial startup fixes
  • Can now create swatches based on images found on web pages
  • Improved color analysis of photographs
  • Most recently visited web page is now available as a bookmark
  • Performance improvements when a large number of palettes/swatches/images/projects are in the database
  • Other user interface enhancements
    • Swatch thumbnails automatically update when image downloads complete
    • Various minor tweaks positioning data in tables
    • Search now shows the matching score (for sorting) as well as the number of matches
    • Preference to control auto-selection of frequently occurring colors
  • Other Bug fixes
    • Certain downloaded images could fail
    • Search fixes, including some rare cases causing crashes
    • Analysis of some images created bogus results (nothing like the actual image)
    • Taking multiple Swatch photos on an iPhone could not be canceled
    • Editing swatches had some revert issues
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Incorrectly showed "Image not available" for swatches that don't have images
    • Search results now update correctly based on changes elsewhere in Color Hints
    • Attempt to catch crashing errors at startup seen by a few users
    • Fixed a crashing bug that could occur if an image download timed-out
    • When editing a palette, changing one color could change multiple if the colors started out as the same color
    • Edge swiping between tabs could end up with mostly black screen and edge swipes disabled
    • When running on iOS8, swatch thumbnails sometimes could become corrupted
    • When running on iOS8, search results table could become unresponsive under certain circumstances
    • When editing a color wheel based palette, selecting white, gray, or black could get the wrong color
[21 Aug 14]
Color Hints 2.1 was released. Changes include:
  • New Swatch collections available here
  • A new FAQ was added in the help section
  • Improved help for the search results
  • Jump to top and bottom of search results buttons added
  • Improved handling of imported Swatch collections
  • Added Google+ button on About tab
  • Added dynamic filtering of search colors
  • New thumbnails are now cropped to fit rather than distorted to fit
  • On an iPhone or iPod Touch: search results are now shown with the search criteria
  • Bug fix: changing palettes in search didn't invalidate the results
  • Bug fix: fixed problems with scrolling of photograph colors
  • Bug fix: fixed Revert in web page based palettes
  • Bug fix: Images are now scaled properly when editing a Swatch
[16 Jul 14]
Color Hints 2.0.1 was released. Changes include:
  • Color Hints is no longer unresponsive when importing palettes, swatches and projects. Also shows a busy indicator while importing.
  • A vertical pan gesture can be used to adjust luminosity of a palette color
  • On an iPad, gestures can be used to adjust red, green, and blue values of a palette color
  • On an iPad, palette colors can be chosen from the colors found in the photograph
  • When deleting a collection, the confirmation prompt now includes the collection name
  • Added a link to the Color Hints Facebook page in the About tab
  • Zoom setting is maintained across actions in Photo palette editor
  • Bug fix: revert problem in the color wheel palette editor
  • Bug fix: search results did not automatically update under some circumstances
  • Bug fix: searching palettes sometimes showed Swatches for results
  • Bug fixes: Long press color selection when creating a Palette from a photo failed with some photographs
[10 Jul 14]
Color Hints tutorials were updated to reflect version 2.0
[ 5 Jul 14]
FAQ added: When I sort my search results, sometimes the table shows items with 3 matches before items with 4 or 5 matches. Why does this happen?
[27 June 14]
Color Hints now has a Facebook page.
[12 June 14]
Version 2.0 of Color Hints was released in the iTunes store today. New features include:
  • The photographs in the Coordinate tab is replaced by Swatches and Search tabs
  • Projects were added. Projects collect a set of photographs, palettes, swatches and notes to help you organize a project
  • Palettes, Swatches, and Projects can be organized into collections
  • The Coordinate function is replaced by a Search tab
  • Palettes and Swatches can now be posted to twitter, facebook and other social media.
  • Palettes, Swatches, and Projects can be imported from web pages
  • The number of palettes, swatches, and projects is only limited by the space available on your iPhone or iPad
  • Numerous bug fixes

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