Color Hints helps you to visualize and catalog color relationships. It provides many methods of helping you to find colors that coordinate, match, or otherwise relate. Useful for designers, painters, quilters, students, and anybody else struggling to figure out what color throw pillows belong on their couch.


  • Create your own color Palettes, or
  • Sample colors from the web for later use
  • Organize your Palettes and Swatches into collections
  • Search for colors that coordinate with a color you've chosen
  • Organize your color thoughts into a Project


  • Coordinate colors for your art or design project
  • Color planning for a quilt pattern
  • Save inspiring colors you find on the internet
  • Help coordinate your wedding colors so that everything flows, from the invitations to the flowers
  • Take a photo of a shirt or blouse you have at home. When you're at the store, take a photo of a pair of pants or sweater to see how well they go with your shirt or blouse.


Color Hints 3.0 requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 8.0 or later. Color Hints 3.0 is optimized for iPhone X and iOS 11.

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