Screen shot of bnClock with date and weather


[ 8 Feb 21]
bnClock 4.0 was released today. Changes include
  • Multiple alarms; each alarm has a wakeup sound and snooze time
  • Additional built-in alarm sounds and clock face colors
  • Expanded help
  • Bug fixes, including some issues related to dimming the clock between dusk and dawn
[ 8 Dec 20]
Version 3.3 was released today. A new clock face, a seven segment display, was added. A few layout glitches were also fixed.
[ 4 Oct 20]
bnClock 3.2 was released today. Changes include:
  • New alternate seconds indicators in addition to blinking the colon — no indicator, a line or a circle indicator
  • Snooze touch has priority now resets the alarm as soon as a long press has exceeded 2.5 seconds rather than making you guess when 2.5 seconds has elapsed
  • Some minor layout issues were corrected
[ 4 Sep 20]
Version 3.1 of bnClock was released today. This version adds a new Snooze touch has priority mode. When enabled and the alarm is playing, any touch on the screen is interpreted as a snooze request. Use a long press of more that 2.5 seconds to reset the alarm for tomorrow.
[10 Aug 20]
bnClock 3.0.1 was released today. This is a bug fix release.
[29 Mar 20]
bnClock 3.0 was released today. New features include:
  • An new clock display format: 5x7 LED matrix
  • Additional color choices for your clock: blue, green, red, violet, and yellow
[28 Jan 20]
bnClock 2.5.2 was released today. Bug fixes include:
  • sometimes the alarm did not reset to the next day
  • in some cases, the low temperature forecast did not display correctly
[13 Aug 19]
bnClock 2.5.1 is a bug fix release. Fixes include:
  • a bug that could in rare cases cause a crash
  • a bug that caused the "Always use system brightness" in the Appearance Settings to not work correctly
[24 Mar 19]
bnClock 2.5 was released today.
  • In the appearance settings, the clock style choice is now a miniature version of the clock rather than text.
  • Bug fixes
[16 Feb 19]
bnClock 2.4.1 was released. Changes include:
  • The weather display is once again working
  • Minor bug fixes
[22 Oct 18]
bnClock 2.4 was released. Changes include:
  • By request, a Cancel was added to all of the preferences
  • Also by request, additional reminders of the device not being plugged in were added