Help: Swatches

What are Swatches?

Color Hints swatches are photographs of objects; cloth, tile, paint, clothing, etc. Swatches are created selecting photographs from one of five sources:

The Swatches tab

From the Swatches tab, the following can be done:

Creating or editing Swatch Collections

Click the + button in the tool bar (upper left) to create a new collection of Swatches.

A Swatch Collection must have a name. Without a name the Swatch Collection will not be created.

The Swatch Collection can be protected from accidental deletion by turning off the "Collection can be deleted" switch

Creating or editing a Swatch Collection

Creating or editing a Swatch

Click the + button in the Swatch collection header to add a Swatch to the collection. Or, an existing Swatch can be double tapped to begin editing.

Editing a Swatch

Each Swatch can have a name and comment. These are not required, but may be helpful in remembering what each Swatch is based on.

Selecting a source for a Swatch photograph

Each Swatch is based on a photograph. There are four basic sources for photographs;

To create a series (or collection) of Swatches, use the button with multiple cameras. This will turn every photograph taken into a Swatch and return to take another photograph. Simply tap the Cancel button to finish.

Tap the globe ICON to choose a photograph from a web page. Use the web browser to find a page with the photograph desired. Tap the eyedropper and choose from photographs that are highlighted with a green border. Tap the desired photograph to choose it. Occasionally more than one tap on the photograph is required. In rare instances, Color Hints will be unable to retrieve the desired photograph. If possible, try another version of the photograph.

Selecting a Swatch Photograph from the Web

Rearranging and deleting Swatches in the Swatch tab

The Edit button in the tool bar of the Swatches tab allows swatches to be deleted, their order rearranged, or edited (click the button). Click the Done button when finished editing.

When a Swatch Collection is deleted, a confirmation is required that will indicate how many Swatches will be deleted with the collection.

Sharing Swatches

Select a Swatch to share by tapping the Swatch. With a Swatch selected, tap the action button . The choices available will depend on which services are configured on your device. Possible choices include

A photograph taken in Color Hints can also be saved to your photo roll.

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