RumorMill 1.3

Current version is 1.3.4


RumorMill ICON

This program is Shareware with a fee of $90 for commercial use, $35 for private or educational use. RumorMill 1.3 is a $15 update to registered users of RumorMill 1.2.

RumorMill is a news (NNTP) server. The News protocol is ideally suited to public discussion, and RumorMill is designed to make it easy to create (and remove) local or shared Newsgroups. RumorMill (and other NNTP) servers can easily be linked together to create a wide spanning communication network.

RumorMill can be Remotely Administered, supports Newswatcher Prefs and Newsrc files and it has a small memory footprint. Amongst other security features RumorMill has Site Restrictions which can be used to prevent off-site (based on TCP/IP address) computers accessing the server.


RumorMill System Requirements

  RumorMill RumorMill Setup Documentation
MacOS 7.1 7.6 Web Browser
Processor 68K or better 68030 or better Web Browser
(4.5MB default)
(3MB default)
Web Browser
Disk ~1MB + databases ~900KB ~770KB