Help: Clock Preferences

You can adjust some settings in bnClock. The settings screen is show below. Exit preference at any time by swiping right or left.

bnClock preferences

Setting the Alarm time

The alarm time can be set by dragging up and down. Dragging on the left half of the screen sets the hours. Dragging on the right half of the screen sets the minutes.

The alarm will automatically be enabled if you have changed the alarm time.

Adjusting the alarm time

Choosing audio for your alarm

You can choose audio from your library as a wake up sound. However, bnClock must be in the foreground for that sound to be used. Otherwise a generic sound will be used.

The volume can also be set. bnClock tries to use this as an absolue volume setting. This means that if you have set the alarm volume for bnClock very high and later turn down the volume while using another app, if bnClock is in the foreground, it will play the alarm at the higher volume.

Setting alarm audio and volume

Choosing a clock color

You can choose one of three colors for your clock digits. The colors were selected to mimic some traditional clock radio colors. Simply tap on the color of your choice.

Choosing a clock digit color

Hiding the seconds display and 24 hour time display

Some people don't like to see the seconds ticking away. If you're one of those, turn them off by sliding the "Show seconds" switch to OFF. On some devices and orientations, this may also make the clock digits a little bit larger.

Use the 24 hr switch to select a 24 or 12 hour time display.

Turn off the seconds display

Weather forecast

bnClock will display a weather forecast for your current, or a selected, location. This display can be disabled if desired. Use the switch next to the "Show weather for" to enable or disable the weather display.

Enabling or disabling the weather display

Weather forecast location

By default, bnClock attempts to use your current location for the weather forecast. Just leave the City and State fields blank if this is your preference.

However, you can also enter a City and State (or country) which was force bnClock to always display the weather forecast for that location.

Setting an explicit City and State for the weather forecast

Weather temperatures in ℉ or ℃

bnClock can display the weather forecast temperatures in either fahrenheit (℉) or celsius (℃). When running on iOS10 or later, this choice is controlled by the system setting. Tapping on the ℉ / ℃ button will open the Settings panel for "Language & Region." Use the "Temperature Units" to choose your setting.

Opening system Settings to set temperature units

System Settings, Language & Region, Temperature Units

On iOS8 and iOS9, bnClock provides a switch to select celsius (℃) instead of the default fahrenheit (℉).

Choosing celsius on iOS8 and iOS9

Getting more information

There are links at the bottom of the screen to go to either the bnClock support page or the page for creator of the original weather ICONs (DeviantArt). Tap either to go to that web page.

Links to the bnClock page and the DeviantArt page (original weather ICONs)