Help: Clock

bnClock displays the time in the largest digits your iPhone or iPad will allow. It's designed to help you read the clock from across the room.

bnClock viewed with default settings

bnClock Alarm settings can be accessed by swiping right or left. The brightness can be adjusted by dragging up and down. You can also adjust settings using the menu in the upper left of the screen.

Adjusting brightness and getting to preferences

Swiping anywhere while the alarm is going off will silence alarm.
Tapping anywhere while the alarm is going off will snooze for 7 minutes (or whatever you have selected in Alarm Settings)

Setting snooze or silencing the alarm

The alarm can be enabled or disabled by tapping on the "Alarm:" indicator on the screen.

Enabling or disabling the alarm

If you'd like to see the full weather forecast, tap the "Powered by Yahoo!" logo at the bottom of the screen.

Getting the full weather forecast

By disabling the weather and date, turning off the seconds display, and using the seven segment display option, bnClock will display the largest possible clock face. Use the Appearance Settings to configure your bnClock display.

Largest sized clock face