Title Description Web Link
An Introduction to ColorHints Mosaic A brief introduction to using the Original and Mosaic tabs to select a photo and create a mosaic. Click for tutorial
Limiting Colors in ColorHints Mosaic An introduction to reducing the number of colors that appear in your mosaic. Click for tutorial
Cropping a Photo in ColorHints Mosaic A brief tutorial on cropping your photo using ColorHints Mosaic Click for tutorial
Introduction to the Mosaic Editor A brief tutorial on using the ColorHints Mosaic editor tab Click for tutorial
Printing Mosaics, Posters and Coloring Books A tutorial on printing Mosaics, Posters, and Coloring Books using ColorHints Mosaic Click for tutorial

ColorHints Mosaic to QuiltSandwich tutorial

By way of a collaboration with NNN Software, who created QuiltSandwich, it is now quick and easy to send your mosaic from ColorHints Mosaic to QuiltSandwich to create a pixel quilt design. To describe this new capability, the folks at NNN Software have made an excellent tutorial describing exactly how to do this. Click here to see the tutorial