Help: Original Tab

From the Original tab, the following can be done:

The Original tab

Selecting a photograph

Tap the Photo button in the tool bar (upper left) to select a new photograph.

Selecting a new photograph

Take a new photograph

Tap the camera button in the tool bar (upper left) to take a new photograph.

Taking a photograph to create a mosaic

When you have positioned the camera with the desired image, tap the shutter button indicated by the red oval

Take the photograph

If you like the photograph shown, tap the "Use Photo" button. If not, tap "Retake" to try again.

Use the photograph

When using iOS 11 on an iPad, you can also drag a photograph from the camera roll (or other apps supporting drag and drop) and drop the photograph on the original tab. You can also drag the current original photograph to apps that support drag and drop.

Dragging a photograph to the Original tab

Crop a photograph

To crop a photograph, start by double tapping your photograph while in the Original tab. You'll see something like this appear.

Crop help the first time crop is used

Dismiss the help by swiping right or left.

Cropping an image

Simply move the white dots with your finger tip to select the portion of the photograph you want to use. While cropping the following gestures may be helpful

Crop selected

When you have selected the portion of the photograph you want. Tap the Use button. You can exit with no changes by tapping the Cancel.

Cropped version of the photograph

Remember that the crop process in non-destructive - meaning that you can go back and adjust your crop selection as many times as you like.

Note: Sometimes after cropping a photograph there are insufficient pixels remaining in the photograph to create a mosaic with 200 tiles (or fewer) on a side. In some cases the maximum number of tiles allowed may be dramatically reduced.

Selecting the number of tiles to use

Using the slider below the photograph, adjust the number of tiles to use in the mosaic. The larger number reported by the slider will be the tile count on the long axis of the photograph.

Tapping or to the left of the slider will decrement the number of tiles by one. Tapping or to the right of the slider will increment the number files by one.

A long press on or will set the tile count the minimum. A long press to the left of the slider will decrement the number of tiles by one. Tapping or will set the tile count to the maximum.

Selecting number of tiles to use

Choose a tile shape

Mosaics can be created with either rectangular or triangular tiles. Tap the rectangle or triangle on the toolbar to open the tile shape controls.

Selecting a tile shape

The aspect ratio, or width divided by height, of the rectangles and triangles can be adjusted with the slider in the tile shape controls. Note that changing the aspect ratio will change the number of tiles on the short axis of your photograph. Note: The total number of tiles in a mosaic is limited to 10,000. Some aspect ratios can force ColorHints Mosaic to adjust your selected tile count to not exceed this tile limit.

Choose a tile line color

Color Hints Mosaic will automatically choose either white or black lines to show your proposed tiling scheme. Occasionally, white or black lines may be difficult to distinguish on your selected photograph. Use the Auto button to change the line color. Choices are white, black, red, blue and green. Each tap of the button will change the color and update the button name.

Selecting the tile line color